The Adoption Center's primary programs aim to reduce the length of time children spend in foster care and to make the adoption process, at all stages, easier for families. In an overburdened system, the Adoption Center fills the gaps and provides resources and programs to help the system work more efficiently.

Public Awareness & Recruitment:
Our public awareness & recruitment services help shine a light on who the most vulnerable children in foster care and expose them to a new audience, many of whom might not have considered adoption before. Approximately 60% of the children featured are adopted.
These services include:

  • Media Recruitment: The Center works with social service agencies to identify children for opportunities on television, radio, newspaper, and social media that attract over 3,500,000 listeners and viewers. These include "Wednesday's Child," a twice-weekly television segment on NBC10; weekly columns in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Daily News, and The Philadelphia Tribune; weekly features on KYW Newsradio; and bi-monthly features in Parenting Special Needs Magazine.
  • Meet the Children: The Center's website consistently features 30-40 children ready for adoption. The site allows prospective parents to fill out an inquiry form, and a Center Staff member follows up and provides the information and resources needed.
  • AdoptUsKids: A national photo listing site, our staff register Delaware youth and monitor their profiles. We are the liaison between the families and workers and the point of contact for follow-ups.

Match Events:
Targeted toward older youth, the Center's Match Events allow prospective parents to interact with foster youth looking for a forever family. Match Events are proven to increase successful adoption rates for children who attend, with 73% receiving at least one inquiry from a family interested in adopting them.

Information & Referral:
The Center provides information and referrals to thousands of people annually through in-person and virtual Adoption 101 events, social media outreach and online services such AdoptMatch.

Child-Focused Recruitment:
The Center works with The Dave Thomas Foundation to bring its Wendy's Wonderful Kids program to the community we serve. Our Adoption Coordinators each work with a caseload of 12-15 children most at risk for aging out of the foster care system.

Cultural Events:
Cultural Events provide a day that is purely for the youth's enjoyment while supporting their community of care. These events build relationships among workers and youth as both parties are engaged in a day that is just for fun.

Emergency & Education Needs:
A fund created to help with immediate needs that arise, including care packages and school supplies.