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My name is Zoey. I’m 8 years old.

Zoey is described as a sweet and bubbly young child full of laughter and smiles Zoey's personality can light up a room and her energy brings joy to all of those around her. Zoey likes to color, draw, paint and play with dolls. Her favorite color is light blue, red, brown and black. Zoey enjoys playing with her siblings or playing pretend dress-up or play with her baby dolls in her free time. Zoey loves books about animals and enjoys watching Paw Patrol. Zoey states that when she grows up she would like to be a dentist or doctor. Zoey and her sisters, AmiraKiley and Khamoni, are seeking a home together.

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My favorite hobbies are:
Playing with my sisters, learning to cook, playing Roblox on my tablet, and watching cooking shows.
When I grow up:
I want to be a teacher!
I'm happiest when:
It is my birthday!
What I'm looking for in a family:
A two-parent family that will love me unconditionally, keep me safe, and provides a balance of both structure and nurture.
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