My name is Treshawn. I’m
years old.

Treshawn has many interests including gaming, science, cars, reading, shopping, rapping and making beats! Three additional interests stand out the most: his knowledge of musical instruments, specifically his awesome drum skills, and school band recitals performances as the best drummer. He is also passionate about karate; he earned a yellow belt so far and would like to continue karate lessons in your hometown. Treshawn’s favorite sports are football and basketball - it MUST be noted that Treshawn is the Pittsburg Steelers #1 fan! Treshawn can be a hard worker who advocates well for himself, which led him to attaining small part-time jobs at his past school and local thrift shop stocking merchandise.
Treshawn can be described as caring and extremely generous.

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My favorite hobbies are:
playing drums and other instruments, gaming, science, cars, reading, shopping, rapping and making beats - a little bit of everything!
When I grow up:
a professional basketball player - but it might change!
I'm happiest when:
playing sports and visiting my brother!
What I'm looking for in a family:
one that will make me feel loved, secure, and included!
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