My name is Jerome. I’m
years old.

Jerome is a sweet and fun loving boy who everyone loves! He will fill your heart with joy when you see his big smile and hear his infectious laugh. Jerome enjoys watching YouTube videos, building worlds in Minecraft, and drawing with a very big imagination. He takes great pride in his drawings and will tell anyone the stories behind each of his pictures. Jerome loves going to school, and there isn’t a subject that he doesn’t enjoy - although he especially likes his math class. When he returns home, you can find Jerome in sweatpants relaxing after a full day. When it’s time to eat, Jerome always reaches for a piece of fruit to snack on, with apples being his favorite. Jerome describes himself as funny and helpful. When he grows up, he would love to be a police officer because they help everyone and catch the bad guys!

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My favorite hobbies are:
drawing pictures and playing Minecraft!
When I grow up:
I want to be a police officer so I can help catch the bad guys!
I'm happiest when:
I'm using my imagination and having fun!
What I'm looking for in a family:
one that is loving and likes to have fun!
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