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My name is Amira. I’m 13 years old.

Amira is a bundle of joy to be around and know. Amira loves girly things such as mermaids, playing with dolls, dancing and learning the hip new dance steps on TikTok, and going outside to play with her siblings and peers. At a young age, Amira possessed the skills of entrepreneurship and decided to create a bracelet business along with her sibling Khamoni. In her free time, Amira likes to do hair and paint nails. Amira likes to practice her talents with her friends and/or sisters. Amira loves cats and dogs! Amira and her sisters, ZoeyKiley and Khamoni, are seeking a home together.

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My favorite hobbies are:
Doing hair and nails and playing with my sisters.
When I grow up:
I want to be a doctor!
I'm happiest when:
I am able to be in school with my friends and peers.
What I'm looking for in a family:
A two-parent family that will love me unconditionally, encourage my education and provide a balance of both structure and nurture.
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