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Public Awareness & Recruitment:
Our public awareness & recruitment services help shine a light on who the most vulnerable children in foster care and expose them to a new audience, many of whom might not have considered adoption before. Approximately 60% of the children featured are adopted.

These services include:

Information & Referral:
The Center provides information and referrals to thousands of people annually through in-person and virtual Adoption 101 events, social media outreach and online services such AdoptMatch.

Child-Focused Recruitment:
The Center works with The Dave Thomas Foundation to bring its Wendy's Wonderful Kids program to the community we serve. Our Adoption Coordinators each work with a caseload of 12-15 children most at risk for aging out of the foster care system.

Cultural Events:
Cultural Events provide a day that is purely for the youth's enjoyment while supporting their community of care. These events build relationships among workers and youth as both parties are engaged in a day that is just for fun.

Emergency & Education Needs:
A fund created to help with immediate needs that arise, including care packages and school supplies.