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African American/Black
New Jersey
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Dayshawn loves when the season for Special Olympics arrives! He has even participated as a member of his school’s swimming team! The water is one of Dayshawn's favorite places to be, while the social interaction that occurs during the competitions is a bonus! Dayshawn also loves a gentle touch, light massages, and classical music playing softly in the background. When it is bedtime, his stuffed turtle is his favorite companion!

Question: My favorite hobbies are
competing in the special Olympics (especially swimming!), going to the movies, participating in the school bake sale, and being outside in the sunshine!
Question: When I grow up
I want to be a part of a loving family!
Question: I'm happiest when
I am interacting with others!
Question: What I'm looking for in a family is
one that is loving, caring, and can provide me comfort and commitment!
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