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African American/Black
New Jersey
ID #

Quameer is an intelligent, sensitive, engaging, and energetic young man! A wide variety of interests and passions makes him quite unique. He enjoys music, reading, and all forms of electronics. An avid gamer, he loves gaming systems and computers. He is has currently taken an interest in reading audible novels, which is one of his favorite things to do. This young man is also passionate about music, fluent on the harmonica and acoustic guitar. Quameer desires the balance of a two-parent home; however more than anything he is adamant about wanting a mother. He loves his siblings deeply and desires to stay connected to them.

Question: My favorite hobbies are
playing video games, reading, and music!
Question: When I grow up
I'm not sure what I'd like to be yet!
Question: I'm happiest when
I'm playing the guitar or when I'm with my siblings!
Question: What I'm looking for in a family is
balance, love, and a mother!
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