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New Jersey
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Steven is a social teen who loves the country and its openness! He would love to work on a farm because he loves all animals; Steven would love to have a pet of his own if not a small hobby farm! He hopes he can continue riding horses and honing his cowboy skills in his forever home. He likes listening to country and rap music. His favorite artists are Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton.

Another love of Steven's is sports. He is a baseball and football fan who can be found cheering on the NY Yankees and NY Giants whenever they’re on TV. In fact, he was very proud to make the freshman baseball team. A perfect day for Steven would be bonding at a sports game and enjoying the experience. He also enjoys playing catch with a baseball and chatting. For quiet and rest, Steven enjoys his time playing video games and completing arts and crafts.

Question: My favorite hobbies are
riding horses, playing baseball, and playing video games!
Question: When I grow up
I'm not sure what I want to be yet!
Question: I'm happiest when
I'm taking care of animals or being active!
Question: What I'm looking for in a family is
love, guidance, and support - I would be a wonderful pet owner, too!
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