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New Jersey
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Jacob, a funny and caring young man! He wants to be part of a family where he can make them laugh but also feel connected. Jacob understands the importance of connection as he has two sisters who are very important to him, and he serves as a role model when they visit. Jacob’s true passion is as a Big Blue Giants fan. He also loves watching Steph Curry on the basketball court. Like many sports fans, he dreams of playing in the NBA. Jacob is also known for his “sports statistics,” as he is an avid reader of sports records and has a great memory for sports trivia. Jacob is an active but typical teenager who is open to most experiences from ice skating to attending a car show!

Question: My favorite hobbies are
watching and playing sports!
Question: When I grow up
I want to be in the NBA!
Question: I'm happiest when
I am watching the Giants!
Question: What I'm looking for in a family is
one that is supportive, structured, and active!
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