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African American/Black
New Jersey
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Brandon is a sensitive and compassionate teen. He is a motivated learner who says, “I have high hopes for my future." Neighborhood basketball and kickball games are favorite after school activities. While he may not play football, he loves his Philadelphia Eagles! In quieter moments of his day this creative guy enjoys drawing. Favorite subjects of his works of art are animals and nature. While drawing animals is a favorite activity it is his dream to have a dog. This dog lover is hoping for an opportunity to be a responsible and loving caregiver for a pet of his own someday.

Question: My favorite hobbies are
Sports, art, and learning about animals!
Question: When I grow up
I want to be a lawyer so I can help kids!
Question: I'm happiest when
I am with people I love!
Question: What I'm looking for in a family is
A family that is dedicated to me, and a family that has a dog!
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