What 2021 Holds for the Adoption Center

What does 2021 hold for the work of the Adoption Center? We enter this new year with the same resolve; to fulfill our mission to create permanent environments for the children in foster care. In this challenging time, we are adapting our work to create virtual events for the families to meet the children who are ready for adoption. We are hopeful to be able to return to in-person matching events later during this year. We have plans to resume our podcast again as we know that the information about foster care adoption is a valuable service to provide to our community.

Families are a critical resource for the population of children in foster care who need a new foster or adoptive parent. There are not enough homes to serve all the children who need a place, that is why in 2021 we will focus on holding on to those families who contact us for information about how to start the process of foster/adoption. Our retention of families will help all the communities we serve in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

We are connecting to organizations like ours who are serving the same population of children in foster care to find new partnerships, collaborations and joint efforts. These relationships will only make our impact greater and our work in the community deeper. Our focus in 2021 and the questions we must ask: how can we do what we do better? Is what we are doing achieving the desired outcomes? Our work for the children in foster care and the families who enter the process is important and honestly evaluating our progress is one way to achieve our goals and grow in the process.