What Services Does the Center Provide?

Public Awareness:

  • The Center conducts an extensive public awareness program to encourage families to adopt.  
  • The ACDV maintains regular waiting child features. Print media includes "Monday's Child" in The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Tuesday's Child" in The Philadelphia Tribune and bi-weekly features in the Bridgewater Courier News, New Brunswick Home News Tribune and Parsippany Daily Record.   
  • KYW Newsradio, covering the Greater Philadelphia area, airs a weekly feature with Larry Kane interviewing children waiting to find permanent loving families. The interviews air at various times on Wednesdays and transcripts may be read on KYW's website.
  • Wednesday's Child Philadelphia, sponsored by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, airs each week on NBC10. To see pictures of the waiting children and learn more about Wednesday's Child Philadelphia, click here

Information and Referral:

  • Adoption Coordinators respond to calls and emails from prospective adoptive parents, answering their questions and sending adoption information packets. Families in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware who are interested in adopting children from foster care are referred to a local adoption agency and to the Center’s online matching service AdoptMatch
  • For parental support or to read about other adoptive families' experiences, click here to join our social networking site.

Child-Focused Recruitment:

  • The Center orchestrates two Wendy's Wonderful Kids programs; one serves children in Southern New Jersey and the other, children in Delaware. The Wendy's Wonderful Kids recruiters actively engage the children in the process of finding permanent families. They meet regularly with each child to plan recruitment, read the child's file updates as a way to find potential families, and prepare the child for adoption.