Success Stories

Alexis was featured on Wednesday’s Child in 2006. Lanier and Adam, already parenting several children, decided to become a foster family to a child in need. As most children living in foster care, Alexis came to them dealing with behavioral issues and struggling in school due to instability and other challenges.   
Lanier and Adam worked hard to show her love and accept her as their own.  With much dedication, support, and perseverance, they have proven to Alexis that they are worthy of her love.  Lanier empathically told Alexis “this is your last stop”.  Since then, Alexis has dramatically improved in all areas, including school.        
What is Alexis up to now?  Her adoption just finalized, she graduated as validictorian for her graduating class, and she is involved in cheerleading.  This amazing young lady has hurtled through obstacles, challenges, and unfortunate events in her life.  Thanks to her strength, endurance, resilience, and loving new parents, she has a new life and a hopeful future.

-Wednesday's Child

Meet the Thomas family. After raising four children, Jane felt she still had some mothering left.  She and John decided to continue building their family through adoption.  During their adoption journey a sibling group of three caught their attention several times.  While not initially seeking three children, or even teens, the couple felt their heart tugging each time they saw flyers for Trenton, Keya, and Jonathan.  After the completion of their homestudy, John and Jane were told the sibling group was still available.  Not long after, the sibling group made their way into the Thomas home and became a part of the family.  Trenton, now 15, and Keya, 14, changed their names to Isaiah and Alaina.  Jonathan is 11. 

Keya, Trenton, and Jonathan were featured on Wednesday’s Child in 2006 with the Philadelphia Eagles.  After many calls from interested families, John and Jane were chosen as the lucky family for this amazing bundle.  The children are doing well in school.  The family enjoys biking, hiking, and playing video games together.  The boys are happy to have older brothers to look up to, and Alaina is happy to be able to relate to a sister.  In addition to this group of siblings, Jane and John have also adopted another son.  

Wednesday’s Child host Vai Sikahema sat with the family in their home to talk about their adoption success.  The family agrees this has been a blessing for them all.  The Wednesday’s Child program, sponsored by Freddie Mac, is a great recruitment tool.  In fact, over 40% of the children featured on Wednesday Child Philadelphia now have a permanent home.

-Wednesday's Child