Success Stories

In 2017, soon after becoming licensed foster parents, David and Lori attended one of the Adoption Center's Match Events. According to David, it was "by far the best event I have ever been to in my life." Why? They met 13-year-old Roberta. They instantly connected and spent the whole day together. As Roberta puts it, "I don't know how to explain it, I just gravitated, once I saw them, I thought, yeah, they're going to be mine."

Lori & David thought the same, and by the end of the day, they knew she was their daughter. The adoption was finalized in February 2018! While it was an unexpected journey, Roberta and the Umbria's found and chose each other as their forever family.

David and Lori never thought they would adopt a teenager. Today they are in the process of adopting their second daughter. A 16-year-old they met at a Match Event in 2019. Many teenagers in foster care think they have been rejected and that it is their fault. These children have a lot of love to give and a lot of love to receive. The Adoption Center works every day towards our vision of a world where no child ages out of foster care without the love and support of a family.

-The Umbria Family

The Adoption Center’s matching event at the minor league Blue Claws Stadium in Lakewood, New Jersey in April 2017 was a blast! It was there that the Mitchell family got to meet and play games with the sweet sisters, Aliyah age 11 and Kaylah, age 14. They inquired about the sisters and after learning more about the girls, the family moved forward with visiting the girls. Eventually, Aliyah and Kaylah were placed with their forever family.

The adoption of these delightful sisters was final in December 2017!

-Match Event Coordinator

Gena and Anna are two teenagers that were helped by Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruitment efforts in 2017. In the beginning, Anna was completely opposed to adoption and her sister, Gena, was very open to adoption. Their foster family wanted to adopt the youth but Anna did not want to be a permanent member of that family; Gena was open to the idea.

Our WWK recruiter worked with Anna to understand her reason for being opposed to adoption. The WWK recruiter discovered Anna feared the word "adoption" and the unknown that would come with moving forward with an adoption. With some exploring and emotional work, the recruiter helped Anna to become more relaxed when thinking about adoption.

Kimberly Ren was a family found through an AdoptUSKids inquiry. Kimberly is a single mother and wanted to adopt both girls. Over time, with work, Anna became interested in learning about Kimberly and began talking about Kimberly as if she was already her mother. Both teens, after the first visit with Kimberly, started calling her ‘’mom’’. After they moved to another state to begin the adoption process with Kimberly the WWK involvement continued. Our recruiter was able to answer all of Kimberly questions and helped her resolve issues about finances, medical records, and general things for the girls. The transition from one state's oversight to another left Kimberly feeling apprehensive and not confident. As a WWK recruiter, our adoption coordinator could support Kimberly throughout the process. Kimberly was pleased with the level of attention, care, compassion and concern offered and many times stated that the WWK recruiter helped the transition flow smoothly.

The adoption for the family finalized in July 2018.

-Wendy's Wonderful Kids Recruiter