My name is Sakiyra. I’m
years old.

Sakiyra has an effervescent smile and infectious, contagious laugh. She is very kind and thoughtful, and she likes to be helpful. Sakiyra enjoys spending time with those around her, and the feeling is mutual. Her current resource family Sakiyra an “extraordinary person” who is one of the most loving and caring people they have ever met. Sakiyra loves music and dancing, and so it's not unusual to find her dancing around the home wearing ballet leotards and various costumes. Other hobbies include playing games on a Kindle, swimming in the community pool, going for walks, visiting neighbors, arts and crafts, and baking. Her favorite holiday gift was a fairy garden planter so she was able to nurture a plant. Sakiyra’s favorite subject in school is math, even though she sometimes struggles with it.

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My favorite hobbies are:
dancing, swimming, home science, and baking!
When I grow up:
I'd like to be a teacher (or any job where I can work with children)!
I'm happiest when:
I'm spending time with people and playing games!
What I'm looking for in a family:
one that is family-oriented and joyful!
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