My name is Oscar. I’m
years old.

Oscar is a youth with bright eyes, dimples and a wide smile. Always interested in meeting new people, he eagerly greets guests and immediately remembers their names. Oscar develops meaningful, long lasting relationships. He enjoys getting good reports from school and receiving praise for his good behavior and completing his tasks.
Oscar has a wide range of interests. He delights in being active and spends many happy hours swimming in a pool or at the beach, attending gymnastics and horseback riding classes. He also has fun with quiet pastimes such as solving puzzles, watching television, playing on a tablet and jumping on a trampoline.
Dogs and pigs are his favorite animals and green is his favorite color. Eggs, broccoli, macaroni and cheese and French fries are the foods he likes most. When he grows up, he would like a career building things.

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My favorite hobbies are:
Puzzles, going to the beach or a pool, watching TV, playing on a tablet, jumping on a trampoline, gymnastics classes, riding horses, and playing with toy trucks.
When I grow up:
I want to build things.
I'm happiest when:
I am playing and having a good day.
What I'm looking for in a family:
A patient and nurturing family.
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