My name is Nehemiah. I’m
years old.

Nehemiah is a handsome and lovable young man who is often described as “quiet and laid back”. He is timid upon meeting new people, but will quickly warm up when he is comfortable . Nehemiah is energetic when he is around his siblings and in familiar places. He also has comedic ways when he is around his siblings, such as making silly comments and “poking” those he loves. He enjoys watching the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, as he has a fascination with insects and animals. He also adores comedy movies such as Madea Goes to Jail and mystery based novels.

His favorite foods are pizza, hot dogs, and most of all, popcorn! He loves listening to music with Gospel being his favorite genre. His favorite classes are math and science. Nehemiah is ready to become part of a permanent home that can nurture him and accept him.

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My favorite hobbies are:
Playing kickball, playing dodgeball, listening to music and watching television.
When I grow up:
I want to be an engineer.
I'm happiest when:
I feel comfortable, relaxed, and have eaten a well-prepared meal.
What I'm looking for in a family:
I am looking for a family who is nice, wholesome, and can exercise patience with me.
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