My name is Makayla . I’m
years old.

Athletically gifted, Makayla is passionate about gymnastics, so much so that she envisions a career as a gymnast. Makayla recently had the opportunity to visit a gymnastic center where she astonished the staff. Despite never having had any training, she nimbly performed on the bar, beam, vault and floor. She was very proud of herself and her face lit up as she tried each task. She eagerly followed instructions and If she made a mistake, she worked hard to correct it. The staff was so impressed that they offered her free classes. If Makayla cannot have a career as a gymnast, then she would like to be a veterinarian. She loves animals, especially dogs and horses, and wants to take care of them. For now, Makayla would like to help out at an animal shelter.

She is conscientious about her school work and is eager to learn. Math is her favorite subject and she also enjoys using the school's computers.

Makayla dreams of having a loving, caring, understanding forever family, one that is very active and adventurous. She wants a mom and a dad or just a mom, and other children in the home. Close to her sister, Makayla needs to remain in touch with her.

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My favorite hobbies are:
gymnastics, doing anything that is outdoors. I love to be active!
When I grow up:
a vet or a gymnast
I'm happiest when:
I am doing gymnastics.
What I'm looking for in a family:
love. I want to feel secure in my family. I want a family who wants to go out on adventures.
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