Kerrianne, Breanna, Kevin, Michael, Ella, and Hannah!

My name is Kerrianne, Breanna, Kevin, Michael, Ella, and Hannah!. I’m
15, 14, 12, 10, 10, and 8
years old.

Kerrianne, Breanna, Kevin, Michael, Ella, and Hannah make up this Super Six Sibling Group. They are loving, smart, polite, intelligent and caring kids. Kerianne recently started high school and is eager to get involved in theater and singing. Breanna is a sweet young lady with a strong personality who loves to draw and can be caught dancing around the house with her siblings. Kevin is polite, responsible, and very smart. He recently was given the opportunity to apply and interview with one of Philadelphia’s most prestigious grammar schools. Kevin plays the trombone and according to all sources has potential to go somewhere with his music. He hope to play through high school and college. Michael and Ella are twins, but have strong senses of self. They both play instruments and excel in school. Michael is shy but silly and Ella is her class president. Hannah, the youngest of the family, is adorable and always smiley. She loves to give hugs and can always make you happy.
All the kids do well in school and are on Honor Roll. Some of kids receive speech therapy for aid in pronunciation but have no issues communicating. Breanna receives therapeutic supports and has an IEP that would need to be supported by her adoptive family.
The siblings are free for Adoption and it is our goal to keep them together while they enter their Forever Family.

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My favorite hobbies are:
we love a variety of things! Sports, music, arts, cooking!
When I grow up:
we all hope to go to college!
I'm happiest when:
we are together, we love spending time together
What I'm looking for in a family:
that can care for all 6 of us. We don't want to be separated.
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