My name is Ava. I’m
years old.

Ava has a big smile and a bubbly personality. She has the ability to light up the room with her enthusiasm and fun spirit. Ava is a girly-girl at heart and loves painting her nails, shopping, styling her hair, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. A true fashionista, she can't get enough clothes, and others marvel at her impeccable style. During her free time, Ava likes to watch movies, do arts and crafts, and play outside with her brother and friends. Ava is excelling in her school work and takes pride in her academics. She and her brother, Rocky, will be adopted together, and they'd like to join a family that is active, patient, loving, and encouraging.

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My favorite hobbies are:
arts & crafts, playing outside, and using my tablet!
When I grow up:
I'm not sure what I want to be yet!
I'm happiest when:
I get to play with my toys and tablet!
What I'm looking for in a family:
one that is fun, loving, and caring!
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