Immigrant Families Statement

The National Adoption Center is appalled that our government, built on the values of freedom and family, would wrest young children from the arms of their parents, creating a lifelong nightmare for all. We are concerned about the short-term effects (bewilderment, crying, sleeplessness, refusal to eat, to name a few) and the long-term fallout that these children will experience.

In more than four decades, we have seen that even for children who must be separated from their parents because of abuse, neglect and safety concerns, trauma follows them through life, resulting, for many, inability to trust, to form meaningful relationships and become fully-functioning, productive adults. The American Academy of Pediatrics has written: “Toxic stress in young children can lead to less outwardly visible yet permanent changes in brain structure and function…and (result in) functional differences in learning, memory and aspects of executive functioning.” It is unacceptable that instead of protecting children and families from the violence they are fleeing, this country is doing them irrevocable harm.

The National Adoption Center was founded on the premise that every child deserves to grow up in a loving and secure family. We know, based on research and our own experience, that children without nurturing families face a lifetime of adversity.

We must continue to be vigilant that this cruel, abusive practice ends and that the thousands of children who have already been separated be given appropriate treatment and returned promptly to their parents.

National Adoption Center
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