Match events


  • A core service of the Adoption Center of Delaware Valley for more than 25 years, adoption match events represent one successful strategy to find families for children in foster care. A match event is carefully planned by ACDV staff to bring together children who are waiting to be adopted with families interested in adopting.
  • Some ACDV match events are designed for specific types of children - teenagers, siblings or children under 10. Others bring together children of all ages. Children generally come to the party with their social worker and/or foster parents. The children who attend live in foster care _ either in private foster homes or residential treatment facilities.
  • The Adoption Center of Delaware Valley has prepared materials for both the social workers who select, prepare and support children who attend the parties and for the families to help them feel confident and comfortable meeting the children.
  • The Adoption Center has held match events at bowling alleys, roller-skating rinks, churches, school auditoriums, art and nature centers, camps and cooking schools. The best results-the number of children who find families-happen when there is a lot of opportunity for mingling, talking and participating in the event together.