What's a Wednesday's Child Taping Like?

contributed by Robyn James, Development Intern

Before interning at the National Adoption Center (NAC) I had never heard of Wednesday’s Child, so when I learned more about it I was excited to join the team for a taping. The day started out with me walking to The Art Institute of Philadelphia to meet up with my co-workers, however when I got there I couldn’t find anyone. After a couple minutes of waiting and walking around the building, I received a text saying that the venue was changed to the Philadelphia Culinary Arts School. Seeing as though I’m navigationally challenged I nervously set out to the new destination hoping that I wouldn’t get lost. About 20 minutes later, I walked into the Culinary School sweaty, hot, and relieved I made it there without any problems. Thankfully I got there right on time.

I walked into the kitchen and took a seat between two of my co-workers. We watched as Franklin ---the teen being featured--- was helped into his apron by the professional chef. A couple moments passed and then it was “lights, camera, action!” The chef announced that he and Franklin would be making homemade pasta. I’d never made homemade pasta or seen it be made so I was probably as excited and intrigued as Franklin was. For each step, the chef did a demonstration and then Franklin got the opportunity to try it out himself. With the help of TV magic the pasta was finished in about 15 minutes and Franklin got to eat his creation. From the smell and the way he devoured it, I’m sure it was delicious.

When the cooking was finished, it was time for Franklin’s interview. He was very shy and during the questioning glanced over at his social workers for reassurance. He was asked about what an ideal family would be for him, his definition of a family, among other things. While watching, I realized that he had probably thought about the answers to these questions millions of times. Listening to his answers made me appreciate the things I take for granted in life. I’ve never known what it was like to not have a family and the love and security that come with which they come. So, imagining a life without it was heartbreaking. I truly hope that this feature on Wednesday’s Child grabs the attention of the family Franklin is searching for and results in an adoption.

Overall, I had an eventful day and my experience at the taping helped me to better connect with the work I do as a Development Intern. Since I work in an office and never see the children, it was refreshing to see a real-life reminder of the important and positive role of the National Adoption Center as well as Wednesday’s Child. I’m excited to watch the finished segment as well as relearn how to make home-made pasta (by the time I got home I forgot the instructions). I hope you’ll watch the segment when it airs but if you miss it, don’t worry, you can visit NBC10’s website to watch Franklin’s segment and check out previous ones too!