Vai Honored for Wednesday's Child!

Today we join in celebration the 119th birthday of Philadelphia’s Civic Flag. Our very own Wednesday’s Child host Vai Sikahema was honored with the Philadelphia Maneto Award as one of four recipients of bringing brotherly love to the city of Philadelphia with his contribution to Wednesday’s Child. Wednesday’s Child partners include the National Adoption Center, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and NBC 10. 

The day was beautiful and the event was very well attended!  Other honorees included Linda Cliatt-Waymann for her passionate and admirable work as Principal at Strawberry Mansion High School, Wei Chen for his dedication to social justice, safe and peaceful educational environments and overall understanding among youth and Dr. Ala Stanford-Frey, for her organization "It Takes Philly!" whose goal is to improve the lives of Philly youth, by providing them with critical exposure to career opportunities and a brighter future.