Update on Wednesday's Child USA

We wanted to update you on an exciting project we have been working on here at the Center. Wednesday’s Child USA (WCUSA) is a two-part program that will create adoptive families for children now in foster care through partnerships with the media. First, we have created an Adoption Community to bring together under one umbrella all professionals throughout the country who participate in Wednesday’s Child programs to allow them to share ideas and information and develop best practices. The WCUSA Community, with over 40 member-cities already, is growing rapidly.  We’ve developed a new listserv that allows members to easily communicate with each other, and we publish an e-newsletter distributed to all members every other month.   

Second, we are nearing initiation of a Wednesday’s Child feature in two major matkets—San Francisco and Chicago. These are cities with no current Wednesday's Child-type program. We’ll keep you posted on other markets that are interested in such a feature, and please let us know if you know of another city that might like to be included.  In Philadelphia where the television feature has existed for 10 years, more than 60 percent of the children shown have found families, including some with serious medical challenges. Philadelphia is fortunate to also have a weekly Wednesday’s Child feature weekly on radio and a column each week in The Philadelphia Inquirer.