A Tasty Way To Get To Know Each Other

This past Saturday, the National Adoption Center in partnership with New Jersey’s Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) hosted their first match event of the New Year! Thanks to the lovely staff at Le Gourmet Factory Cooking School in Englewood, NJ our event went off without a hitch. This particular event was what we at NAC like to call a “Chat & Chew”. Essentially, it’s an event where families and youth make a meal together. On the menu we had, fresh honey scones with orange rosemary butter, romaine salad with blueberries and candied walnuts with grilled chicken in a lemon vinaigrette, maple and brown sugar glazed sausage, french toast dippers with maple yogurt, and a cinnamon raisin bread pudding with vanilla crème. And trust me, it tasted just as good as it sounds! At this event, we were fortunate enough to allow ten families to meet 12 awesome New Jersey youth who are eagerly waiting to meet their forever family. I personally love our Chat & Chew events because cooking and eating together is a great way to connect with one another. Just being able to observe the event from the side linebrought a smile to my face because everyone else was smiling. They all looked happy to be able to participate and excited to eat!

With any match event, you do have your sad moments where one of the younger attendees asks if the families would be taking them home after the event was over. Questions like this always break my heart because you can tell how bad these youth want to meet “that” family. The family that’s going to love them, support them, and give them the world. This is what drives NAC to host the best events possible. We want to be able to say we played a part in helping a youth find their forever family.

If adoption is something you have been considering I would like to invite you to our future match events. We host four match events for New Jersey from July to June. You do not have to be a New Jersey family to attend. However, only New Jersey youth will be at these events. If you are a licensed family and have a current homestudy, you’re eligible to attend. Our last 2 events will be in held in April and June. If you’re interested in learning more feel free to reach out. I would be happy to answer your questions!

Contributed by Anna Coleman. To speak with her, please call 267-553-1867 or email at