Starting 2016 off with a Matching Event

On January 8th, we hosted New Jersey’s first matching event of the year. It took place in Maple Shade, New Jersey at a popular bowling alley. For this event we were able to be of service to twenty youth who are in foster care and twelve families who are looking to adopt. The age group of the youth at this event was from twelve and up. The reason we choose to service this particular group of youth is because as you become older while in care, the chances of being adopted by a family begins to decrease. This is the unfortunate reality for some youth in foster care. It is also unfortunate that families who are looking to adopt are not particularly interested in adopting older youth. This is why our matching events are so important to us. We use these events as a platform to let families know that there are older youth who need forever families and they would love to be a part of yours.

Towards the end of the event we had families come to us and say “If I had known this event was for older youth I wouldn’t have attended; but I am so glad I did.” Even if you are a family looking to adopt younger youth, I would encourage you to give older youth a chance. You just might meet one that could change you and your family’s life for the better. Hope to see you at our next matching event!