Resource Families Needed!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Connelly Foundation, the National Adoption Center will be recruiting desperately needed resource families for the thousands of children and youth who are in foster care (a resource family is another expression to use when referring to foster parents). The work we’ll be doing will focus on particular police districts in the City of Philadelphia and unfortunately, the need far outweighs the supply. In great part due to the epidemic of addiction, there are more children coming into the system than families willing to take them in. It’s our hope that we can help to alleviate this problem with targeted recruitment, in both English and Spanish that can prevent these vulnerable children from ending up in group settings. Research has shown that custodial children fare far better when in a family setting. We hope of course that these resource families turn into adoptive families, the best form of permanency there is. We will be announcing these events via local publications as well as social media, so stay tuned for details.