Prepping for 2018's Matching Events

Hello everyone! My name is Sami Rovins, and I recently joined the National Adoption Center’s team as an Administrative Assistant. I am thrilled to be assisting in the planning and implementation of three Matching Events for older youth to meet potential adoptive families in the state of Pennsylvania!

I have been working in the field of nonprofit development, communications, and fundraising for four years, but the world of adoption is entirely new to me. As I walked to the NAC office on my first day, I worried about how much I had yet to learn. However, over the course of my first month at NAC, I have found my new colleagues to be incredibly welcoming, patient, and supportive. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the kindness, dedication, and humor my coworkers bring to NAC’s office. As a result, my first weeks at NAC have already been an enormous learning experience.

I am so excited to witness as our Older Youth Matching Events develop and take shape. I felt very encouraged when I learned recently that NAC’s 2017 events have already produced successful results for at least two youth attendees. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this year’s Matching Events, and looking forward to my future as an Administrative Assistant at the National Adoption Center!