A Place Called Home

While watching the news last week, I saw a story that caught my attention.  It was about the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, and millions of people in China were streaming home to be with family. The news called it the largest migration on the planet as millions of people are traveling. For some, who are migrant workers in cities such as Beijing, it is the only time that they get to be with their families. They have endured separation for a year or more as they work to better the lives of the family members they left behind.

The trains are so crowded with people that some go into a lottery just to get a ticket for home.  Home can sometimes be more than ten hours away by train. There is a Chinese saying, “Rich or poor, get home for the holiday.”  The travelers know that when they reach home they will see their loved ones, share meals with their family, and enjoy the firework celebrations. They endure the hardships of cramped, difficult travel and are elated that they are going home.

I thought about how much it means to me to see my family and be surrounded by them. Then I thought of the children in foster care for whom we work at the National Adoption Center.  Those who, through no fault of their own, no longer have their families and are still waiting for that luxury of having a place they can call home.  It made me proud of the work that we do every day to find just one more child in foster care what they each deserve; a secure home and a loving family.