Picture Day

Do you remember picture day at school? I do. I would beg my mom to take her time with my hair and I was sure to pick out the prettiest outfit I could find in my closet. Unfortunately, some of the youth in foster care aren’t able to have the same experience as I did. This could be due to a number of things, their living arrangements, the way their school is set up, some may not want their photos taken, etc. This experience is even tougher to create for youth with advanced medical needs. As an adoption recruiter, I try my best to help my youth experience some sort of normalcy in their lives no matter the activity, picture day especially! Thanks to the help of the fabulous photographer Marge Kovatch and the staff from the facility that my youth reside in we were able to do just that for two of my youth.

Picture day turned out to be a special photo shoot just for them! The weather was nice and the foliage was beautiful; which was fitting for the two beautiful souls being photographed that day. Despite their challenges, they loved having the camera on them. All of their photos came out amazing and the photographer did an excellent job at capturing their personality in every single shot. We will be sure to share the photos once we get them!