Phillies & Wednesday's Child Hit a Home Run!

We recently had an extra-special Wednesday’s Child taping. One of the children we work with, "Tommy", really loves the Phillies, so we reached out to see if they would be interested in hosting a taping. They welcomed the Wednesday’s Child crew and Tommy with open arms! The first place we went was the clubhouse. Tommy was able to walk around the room and see each player's locker space -a great way to imagine what it’s like to get ready for a game. We then walked the same path the players walk out to the field. Since it was not a gameday, the Park was ours. There is something truly magical about being able to be in an empty stadium, to be able to sit in the dugout, throw some pitches and even stand at home plate!

Tommy also got to view the World Series trophy they won in 2008. The Phillies were so generous to have us, we were also stunned at the awesome gifts they had for Tommy. The Phillies presented him with a personalized jersey, a bat signed by Ryan Howard, t-shirts, a backpack, Phanatic socks and more! We were all overwhelmed with their hospitality, and couldn’t have imagined a better day.

On the surface a Wednesday’s Child taping is just a really fun day that we take the kids on, but is so much more than that. I am always in awe of the bravery it takes for our kids to volunteer to be on television The closest analogy I can think of is dating. Imagine being interviewed about your likes and dislikes, what you want in a partner and then having that interview be boiled down to two minutes to be shown on television in the Philadelphia metro area! That’s essentially what our kids are doing, but in search of a family. While it is heartbreaking that any child is ever put in the position to have to try to find their own family, it is a reality we work with.

Before a taping, we always work with the children and their case managers to make it as easy as possible for them. We let them know what to expect, a prepare them for the events of the day. Personally, it is always my goal to find a great venue and activity for the child, giving them an opportunity other children don't get. I also find that when the child gets engrossed in the activity his nerves fade, and his personality shines. We work with great children who happen to be living in foster care, we wish to convey how special they are in each and every segment we film. Lastly, thank you, thank you, thank you to the staff at the Phillies for making this a day Tommy will always remember!

All videos of Wednesday's Child can be seen on NBC10's website.