Partnership with Parenting Special Needs

Parenting Special Needs online magazine is now partnering with the us to feature children who wait to be adopted. In the current issue, you’ll meet Thomas, a three-year-old who now lives in a medical facility, but is ready to be discharged to a family that is committed to caring for him through adulthood and maintaining the services he needs for his optimum healthy development.

The magazine, which is published every other month, will continue to publish stories about children like Thomas, often members of an invisible population of children who live in foster care or special facilities because their birth parents cannot care for him. Thomas loves to smile and laugh, and enjoys warming himself in the sun while sitting in his specialized wheel chair. He likes hearing music and, like many children his age, he is comforted by the touch of his caregiver.

Sometimes, it feels daunting to find a family able to care for a child such as Thomas who has traumatic brain injury, cortical blindness and is prone to seizures

But there are people who want to share their capacity to love and embrace the challenges of caring for children with profound medical conditions. One such couple is Karen and Adam Owens who adopted Jayden, 3, whom they had seen on a “Wednesday’s Child” feature on Philadelphia’s NBC10. Jayden, too, has a traumatic brain injury from shaken-baby syndrome. He is deaf and breathes through a tube in his throat. But Karen and Adam believed they had something to offer a child with serious health issues. Karen has said, “I wish more people would adopt. All it takes is one person to say “yes. If not us, then who?