Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Parenting Special Needs Magazine, a bi-monthly online publication, has partnered with us to feature children with whom we work. Each issue will feature a photo and description of a child who waits to be adopted. The child featured in this issue is 17 and has Down syndrome. He is one of a growing number of teenagers who still hopes for a family to give him a permanent home.

When we opened in 1972, most children waiting for families were younger, mainly 5 or older, and many sibling groups even included toddlers. That was a time when adoption was considered mainly for babies and married couples who could not conceive biologically.

The world of adoption has changed. So has society. Today, the younger children we saw 40 years ago find homes more easily. But we are worried about the adolescents who will soon “age out” of foster care without the permanent families they need and want.

The kinds of parents considered as potential adopters have changed too. Single people are eligible to adopt; so are members of the LGBT community. It is recognized that many kinds of people can be excellent parents and help a child realize his/her potential.

Because so many of the Center’s children have special needs, we welcome the opportunity to work closely with this magazine. It reaches families who already have special children, appreciate their qualities and gain so much satisfaction from their achievements.

Here’s the link to the magazine: Parenting Special Needs Magazine