My name is Kyana and I am a recent addition to the National Adoption Center family. I was brought on as a Recruitment Team Lead Facilitator to work on a grant, NJ-CARES, in collaboration with New Jersey’s Office of Adoption Operations. NJ-CARES’s purpose is to provide intensive-child-specific recruitment to children waiting to be adopted in New Jersey’s foster care system, in fact we are working with those who have been waiting the longest in foster care. The grant is using the teaming process, meaning each child has all of his workers (therapists, case workers and other professionals) come together to identify suitable permanence providers. My role in the project is to lead and facilitate Recruitment Team Meetings on a monthly basis to identify arenas in which to profile youth, recruit potential adoptive families and to secure a permanent team for the youth. I hope that through this project, New Jersey’s longest waiting youth in foster care will have a better chance at finding a “forever home”. While I am aware that this will be a challenging task, I am excited to be a part of the mission to better service youth in the foster care system. The National Adoption Center is excited to be able to provide new recruitment techniques that will help children in foster care find their forever families. Look out for future updates on how the grant is going as we work hard to find ways in which to decrease the number of children waiting for permanent, loving homes.