My Successful First Day!

Hi everyone! My name is Naomi Goldberg, and I am excited to say that I am completing an internship with the National Adoption Center! I am a senior Human Development & Family Studies major from Pennsylvania State University. The HDFS program has helped me quickly realize my interests in human service organizations, counseling, advocacy work, and social work. Post-graduation I hope to get my MSW, and work with youth in foster care specifically targeting professional development and independence skills. My love for working with youth in foster care helped me find myself working with the National Adoption Center, which I think is a perfect match for me!

In my first day I was able to explore and expand my knowledge of the foster care and adoption by becoming familiar with resources and literature that is available to not only me and the staff, but as well as inquiring families. These cover a range of topics from things as broad as “how do I get started”, to as complex as exploring the attachment style of adopted families. It was incredible to have such a wealth of knowledge available to me so quickly.

I was also able to have hands on experience brainstorming potential Wednesday’s Child film sites based on youth unique personalities and interests! This was amazing, because not only did I get to take a closer look at the people I will be working with in the next couple of months, but also allowed me to think creatively about places within the city that could be a perfect match for prospective shoots!

I felt like I had so many amazing opportunities and learning experiences with just one day, I am ecstatic to see what the rest of my experience with the National Adoption Center holds!