My First Wednesday’s Child Taping as the New Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Rotolo and I am the new Wednesday’s Child Coordinator/Adoption Coordinator at the National Adoption Center. I’ve been so thrilled to begin contributing to the fantastic team here who work tirelessly to build families and create meaningful community connections.

On July 11th, I arrived at AFC Gym in Bala Cynwyd, PA for my first Wednesday’s Child taping. I was a bit nervous, I will admit, but once I arrived I was met by a very welcoming community of all involved: the staff at AFC, Paige Roller (former WC coordinator) who showed me the ropes, the fantastic eleven year old child and his friendly social worker, and Vai Sikahema and the NBC team. Together, we went into a room with workout equipment.

Vai and the child set up some jumping blocks and practiced reaching for new heights together. The child also got right onto the rowing machine, seeing how far he could go that afternoon. It was in this setting that the child and Vai connected, talking about why family is important, what love means, and what our goals are in life. The child shared his dream of finding a forever family, and that it’s important to have a family in order to have people that you love and who love you back unconditionally. He said love looks like spending time together, eating meals together, and having fun together. The child shared his dreams of becoming a football player and was truly thrilled with the opportunity to spend time with Vai, a former player for the NFL.

We were then joined by Carlos Bradley, a trainer at the gym and a former football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, who showed the child the ropes of weightlifting machines, proper pushups, and the determination, grit, resilience, focus, and good character it takes to become a professional athlete. The child was all smiles – truly soaking up the experience, wisdom, and love shared with him that afternoon, as I was soaking up all that was shared with me. The commitment that the community makes to the Wednesday’s Child initiative is profound and inspiring. It is beautiful to see so many folks come together each week to support a child’s dreams of finding a forever family, and also plan their perfect day. I am thrilled to join this team and look forward to the learning I will experience, the hearts I will witness, and the adventures I’ll be sure to embark on with Wednesday’s Child and the National Adoption Center.