A Long Distance Success Story

Jennifer and Jillian are teen sisters that we started to work with in 2017. From the start, Jillian was completely opposed to adoption while her sister was very open to adoption. The family that was fostering them wanted to adopt the sisters, but Jillian did not want to be a permanent member of this family while Jennifer was open to the idea.

Over time, her adoption recruiter worked with Jillian to understand her reason for being opposed to adoption. Developing an understanding of her reluctance was vital, as she was not only preventing herself from finding an adoptive family, but was also keeping her sister from doing so. Her recruiter discovered that Jillian's fear was the because of the word "adoption" and ultimately her fear of the unknown. With exploring and discussion Jillian started to become more open to exploring adoption.

While the recruiter worked with the sisters, she also worked to find a family who would be a good fit for them. Linda Jones indicated her interest in the sisters via an online-photolisting inquiry. Linda was a single woman, living hundreds of miles away, and wanted to adopt both girls. Over time, with work, Jillian became interested in learning about Linda. Quickly she even began talking about Linda as if she was already her mother. After the first visit with Linda, "mom" is how the Jennifer and Jillian referred to her. Visits continued and eventually all agreed to proceed with the process of adoption. This family legally became a family in July 2018 when the adoptions were finalized.

*Names have been changes to protect the privacy of those involved.