Lesbian Foster Parents - Our Thoughts

It was so disturbing to read about the Utah judge who removed a foster child from their home because they were lesbians. Under the order issued Tuesday, Judge Scott Johansen had given state officials until Nov. 17 to remove the child. In his ruling, Johansen said research showed that children do better in homes with heterosexual parents. Court papers filed on behalf of the couple are not public, but they ask the court to reverse the order and prevent the child from being removed said their attorney, James Hunnicutt. "What [Johansen] did was obviously just unconstitutional and against the law," This order was then rescinded, but on December 4th there will be another hearing to decide what is in the best interest of the child.
The National Adoption Center strongly supports the rights of these foster parents. The consensus of social scientists is that gay couples are not any less fit to parent a child than heterosexual ones. In fact, NAC is hosting an LGBT Adoption Café this month (National Adoption Awareness Month) to identify and recruit LGBT parents for children in foster care. We commend companies like Wells Fargo, our event underwriter, for their support of equal rights under the law.