Guest Blog: Adoption Was Right For Us

In honor of National Adoption Month, the following was shared by Stephanie Gambone, an Adoption Center board member.

I remember the day Mia was born like it was yesterday. I had just turned 40 years old a few days before I received the call at work that a little girl was born and her birth mother was looking for a family to adopt her. We had two failed matches during our adoption journey and we learned to be patient and manage our expectations. (A match is when your family is selected for an adoption placement.) The days and weeks following were emotional and amazing all wrapped up in one. The moment we laid eyes on Mia, we knew she was our daughter. Mia has changed our lives in so many ways and we could not imagine our lives without her.

Parenthood comes in many different ways. Adoption was right for us. Adoption brought this amazing and wonderful child into our lives. Mia completed our family. I joined the Adoption Center Board shortly after we adopted Mia and have been a passionate advocate for adoption ever since. I have also been informally working with individuals /families who are exploring the adoption process and the first thing people ask me is “how long does it take?" The answer is not one they usually want to hear because the truth is that it varies. My husband and I started the adoption process three years before Mia was placed with us and then the adoption was formalized six months following placement. I usually tell people to do your research, be patient and embrace every aspect of the journey. Adoption is a wonderful way to start or a grow a family and it’s worth the wait.

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