Behind the Scenes

What is an Educational Reconciliation Specialist? What does he or she do? An Educational Reconciliation Specialist is a person that works behind the scenes of the reunification process to reconcile families. In reality, most judges dislike removing children from their birth family and disconnecting the child from those they naturally have an attachment to. To foster and strengthen this bond judges like to refer families to an intensive therapeutic day program that will monitor the family and give those actively involved a 360 degree image of how well the family does at meeting their goals. The family is helped by a team of professionals with one of those professionals being the Reconciliation Specialist. The Specialist works closely with the family to help them achieve their goals and through therapeutic techniques increase the bond of the family. Does this method always work? Not all the time. There are many factors that cause a strain or present a significant challenge to the family such as trauma or the family’s willingness to meet their goals. In some cases the barriers a family might face is too great of a challenge and the primary goal is to do what is healthiest for the child.

What happens next is adoption. Before becoming an Adoption Coordinator and Recruiter here at the Center, I was an Educational Reconciliation Specialist. Like others, I would always wonder what happens next. What does adoption look like and is it different from what is seen on Television or Lifetime movies? The answer is yes! As a Coordinator and Recruiter my focus is the child and doing what is in their best interest. Through a gentle process I visit with the child/ren and take the time to learn who they are. Their likes, dislikes, things that make them happy, smile and encourage them see a happy future. As I learn about the child/ren I collaborate with a team of professionals to help that child find a forever family.

There is a lot to the adoption process that most do not see or are unaware of. There are some programs accessible and recommended by judges to be used as a resource before children are removed from their birth parent. Through my journey I have had the opportunity to meet some really great families who were reunified their children as well work with some really great children to help them find their forever family.