Art of Adoption Match Event

On Saturday, March 8th we hosted our Art of Adoption Match Event in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency. A match event is an event that brings youth in foster care together with adults who have been approved to adopt for a day of getting to know one another. Match events are a rare opportunity for the youth and adults to interact one-on-one, get to know each other and decide if they wish to get to know each other better. Of course, we know some of these connections eventually lead to adoption.

Saturday’s match event included a fun day of art activities that focused on the youth. Artists from the Center for the Arts in Southern New Jersey, where the event was held, guided the youth in projects while prospective families were there to assist. Youth were asked to use art to define aspects of themselves. Different techniques such as collage, watercolors, crayons and calligraphy helped the youth express themselves. The overall atmosphere was relaxed and provided ample oppourtunity for youth and families to get to know one another.

This life-changing work wouldn’t be possible without our supporters, so we want to send out a huge thank you to the Center for the Arts in Southern New Jersey for their incredible support in making this a fun and exciting day.