The Anchor Project

contributed by our Program Director, Christine Jacobs
The Adoption Center has never had a program devoted to creating mentor relationships for youth in foster care --but soon we will! To build the most robust program we can we have been researching the best practices in the field by talking with colleagues who have their own mentor programs for youth in foster care, reading all that we can about other mentoring programs, participating in mentoring-focused conferences and training with MENTOR, the National Mentoring Partnership.

Adoption Coordinator Paige Roller and I attended the two-day training entitled "How to Build a Successful Mentoring Program Using the Elements of Effective Practice". In addition to a ton of good ideas and best practices, we met some great Philadelphia folks who are currently running mentoring programs. Ours is unique to the group of local mentoring projects as we will focus on serving youth in foster care.

Stay tuned as we build this program! If you are interested in mentoring a 12-20 year old youth in foster care email Paige at so we can alert you when our program is up and running in 2017.