Adoption Match Event

As day broke over Camp Agawam on June 13th, the weather was not looking very friendly. Storms the night before had knocked power out in many areas nearby. The ground was wet but the fish were still swimming in the pond.

As seventeen youth (together with their social workers) and nine families pulled into camp, the atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation. The weather soon got in the spirit of the day and cleared up. We were ready to start the annual National Adoption Center/SWAN (Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network) older youth matching event.

These youth and families spent the day together, getting to know one another through team-building interactive games, fishing, kickball and other activities. The youth participated in an activity called “Everyone has a Voice” that allowed them to express their thoughts and feelings about being a teenager and their desires for their future. The adults got to listen and better understand the youth through these heartfelt, often articulate expressions.

Families and teens alike expressed their enjoyment of the day. Many families expressed an interest in learning more about the youth. As time goes by, we will keep you posted on any successful outcomes from the day. As the day finished, the sun was shining brightly over Camp Agawam.