Achieving Connections

In February, the National Adoption Center, in partnership with the State of New Jersey, will complete an eighteen month program whose goal was to achieve permanent connections for older youth in foster care. NAC’s outstanding Program team worked with a caseload of twenty youth and developed teams of support for each child by unearthing past relationships. In some cases it was a teacher, a principal or even a coach that at some time was in the child’s life. These teams met monthly and provided much needed support for youth who were about to age out of care without a permanent connection. The culmination of this initiative was a spectacular luncheon retreat where everyone involved celebrated the connections that were made. Will these turn out to be lifelong connections? Will some end up adopted? We hope so. At the very least, they showed these courageous youth that they were not alone in the world; that there were indeed caring adults in their life who could offer, love and encouragement.