Here at the Center we've heard reports of, and assisted many families with varied adoption-process-related problems. Issues we've heard about are calls that never get returned, being passed over in consideration for a child for no stated reason(s), or other communication-related problems. I'm sure that there are other issues, but for now let's focus on communication. 

What problems have you faced in this area? I would welcome answers from both sides, the professional and the potential family. Do you have any concrete solutions to resolve these type of issues? How could the Center help you (again this is for people on either side of the equation)? How can we work together to solve these issues? 

This holiday season we were fortunate enough to be the liaison between some very generous people and youths who are in foster care. These are youths we recruit on behalf of, but who still are in care, not permanent homes during this holiday season.

Wendy's Crew members from local restaurants raised funds and then went on a shopping and wrapping frenzy! In the pictures you can see Wendy herself delivering packages with other Crew members and NAC staff. We thank Bob Bechtold and all the Crew for making this happen. 

Pam Lee, Association Account Executive, Marriott International guided the giving from Marriott International. Marriott & Renaissance Global Sales held an annual open house where gifts were collected. Many Marriott employees also went out and purchased additional gifts & all collaborated in wrapping to make sure each child got all that he or she listed. Here you can see the Marriott van delivering the gifts.

Our adoption coordinators then got to play Santa and deliver these gifts. Even driving late into Christmas Eve to ensure delivery didn't dampen the joy of seeing the youths open their gifts. One girl who asked for books remarked that "I'm going to read for the rest of the year!" A foster mother remarked that another boy's Christmas was made by receiving all that was on his wish-list. 

All in all, the children, families and coordinators shared smiles and lots of joy. Thanks to all who made this possible! 

Last night I had the pleasure in attending a workshop on using blogs to help nonprofits succeed. This event was organized by Philly NetSquared. It was a fun and exciting night. You'll see many of the tips I learned last night come into being here. Going forward, we are going to continue working together as a nonprofit community to help all of us reach the next level in our work. 

Some changes that will be coming immediately are: We'll bring more of the stories from the field, so you can see what we do on a daily basis to help children and youths find permanent homes. And we'll be including lot's more pictures and links. If you have any tips or ideas for topics you'd like to see us cover, leave a comment.

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We here at the Center want to wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2009. This holiday season was a quite one in the adoption world, with little news to report. 

We have many exciting programs, events and virtual happenings planned for this year. So stay tuned!